Developer's Backup
   What is Developer's Backup
Developer's Backup is a backup utility for software developers who practice rapid application development techniques.

Designed as a power-tool, use it as you develop, to backup your work on-the-fly, with just a right-click, to secured, time-stamped, password-protected zips, to network drives, or CD\DVD burners.

Develop rapidly and effectively - You'll develop more confidently knowing you've made a reliable backup of your work folders before you embark on your next development effort.
   Family Friendly License
Developer's Backup is now totally free of cost and freely available to the public.

As of January 2008, the Free and Pro editions have been merged into one full-featured product supported by sponsored advertising on this web site.

Of course it has always been free of addware, spyware and there are no commercial advertising popups.

The product will always work for you, but its free license must be renewed every three months. At such times a reminder window will appear and direct you to this web site where you can easily cut and past your fresh license key.
A very simple process...

  • Developer's Backup 2 does not yet support CD burning in Windows Vista
        due to Vista's extended security issues.
  • Developer's Backup 3, with a planned release for fall 2008, will
        support Vista fully.
  •    Features
    Absolutely Free of Cost.
    Make Backups on-the-fly, with just a right-click!
    All features provided are fully functional.
    Create time-stamped backups to your local, network, or removable drives.
    Uses Zip Compression to save space.
    Password protect your zipped backups. 
    Supports right-click and drag & drop backups.
    Restore zip compressed files with a right-click or drag & drop. 
    Intuitive integration with Windows Explorer. 
    CD burning support. Limit of three burns per disc. 
    Queue up multiple backup burns, appending backups to your disc.  
    Full CD \ DVD burning support. Unlimited burns per disc.
    256 Bit Data Encryption.
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