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Select a Name Format for Your Backup File (required) is a wizard screen where you choose a name format that will help you best identify a particular version of the backup. The default is to append a timestamp to a backup file.

Usage notes:
  • During Right-click Backups: 'MyFile' represents the name of the file or folder that was selected for backup. If several files and folders were selected for backup, the name of the parent folder will be used.

  • During Planned Backups: 'MyFile' represents the name of the selected Planned Backup being executed, such as 'Backup Plan 1'.

  •     Screen Items:
    • File Name Format - This is the format of the name to be given to your backup file. This name normally has two parts, the file or folder name and a date stamp. Alternately, a sequential number may be included in the file name. A zip backup will also have a .zip extension.

      The following is a list of available name formats for this type of backup file:
    • MyFile_000                              eg. MyFile_001, MyFile_002, MyFile_003
    • yyyy-mm-dd_000
    • yyyy-mm-dd hhmm                   eg. MyFile_2007-09-23 1305 (Recommended)
    • yyyy-mm-dd hhmm am/pm
    • mm-dd-yyyy_000
    • mm-dd-yyyy hhmm
    • mm-dd-yyyy hhmm am/pm        eg. MyFile_09-23-2007 0105 am
  • 000 is an automatically generated number
  • yyyy is year
  • m is month
  • d is day
  • hhmm is military time to 24 hours.
  • hhmm am/pm is wall time to 12 hours am/pm

  • Note: If a backup is performed twice in the same minute, seconds may be appended to the time to ensure uniqueness of the file name.
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