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Select Zip Options is a wizard screen where you indicate that folders and files selected for backup are to be zipped using the international standard zip compression algorithm. A single file will be generated with a '.zip' extension.

Usage notes:

  • Zip files can be up to four gigibytes in size.

  • Zip files generated with Developer's Backup can be restored using most popular zip de-compressing applications. (Except when using encryption).

  • When using encryption, (now available in the Free Edition), the zip file must be restored using Developer's Backup. This is because Developer's Backup uses a proprietary encryption algorithm.

  • Either Developer's Backup Free or Professional Editions may be used to restore a zipped and encrypted zip file.

  •     Screen Items:
    • Zip the Backup File - When checked, the files and folders selected for backup will be compressed into a single zip file using the industry standard zip compression format. The zip file can be opened by most popular compression software applications on the market.

    • Password Protect Zipped File - When checked the zipped backup file will be password protected so that only you have access to its contents. A password will be required to access your compressed data.

    • Password and Confirm Password - Enter the password with which a protected zip file is to be encrypted. It must be entered twice to verify accuracy. Don’t forget your password because if lost it cannot be recovered.

    • Encrypt Zip With 256 Bit Encryption - (Professional Edition only). When checked, the zip file is created with an extra layer of security. All data in the zip file is garbled with 256 bit encryption. It will be nearly impossible for prying eyes to get your data.

    • This option is available only in Developer's Backup Professional Edition.

    • An encrypted zip file created using Developers Backup Professional Edition can be restored (unzipped) using either Developers Backup Free Edition or Developers Backup Professional Edition.

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